The Hinkle Nosing Wine Glass

At Hinkle Nosing Glass we believe you only need one type of glass for all of your great wines and spirits. It’s not the shape of the glass but the nosing cone inside that makes the difference.

Wine connoisseurs appreciate the color, nose, taste and mouth texture of fine wines. At Hinkle® Nosing Glass we strive to bring innovation and science to the art of wine and spirit enjoyment. The products and information we bring to our customers enhance the pleasure and wellness they derive from moderate alcohol consumption. The Melisse Nosing Wineglass was our first product designed to achieve these goals. We've since expanded the line to include a series of nosing wine glasses for personal and commercial wine and spirit drinking.

In June 2009 the U.S. Patent office honored our innovation and granted us U.S. Patent 7543717.

Our founder, a pediatric anesthesiologist, is an expert in the human sense of olfaction. After inventing the scented pediatric anesthesia face mask (U.S. Patent 4896666) he applied his expertise to techniques that could enhance the nose of wines and spirits. Using some simple but elegant principles of physics we first created the Melisse Nosing Wineglass. The logarithmic nosing spiral inside the glass increases a wine’s nose by 100-200 percent each swirl by increasing the surface area on which the wine is exposed to the air and breaking the surface tension of the wine.

Our Vision: To bring innovation, science and wellness knowledge to our products for our customers’ benefit and enjoyment.
Our Mission: To develop products that are innovative and based on scientific principles while informing our customers about the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption and its relationship to health.