How it works

Wines and spirits naturally release some beneficial chemicals when exposed to the air.  

The patented design of the Hinkle Nosing Glass® allows your wine or spirit to aerate and "open up" three times faster than a regular glass, allowing you to enjoy the fullest potential of your beverage from the minute it is poured. 

When you inhale the vapors using your Hinkle Nosing Glass, your body directly absorbs these beneficial chemicals through the upper airway lining. This allows them to get into your body more efficiently than through the stomach. Once in the stomach many of a wine or spirit’s beneficial chemicals (i.e. polyphenols) are not absorbed easily. 



How to use your Hinkle Nosing Glass®:


  1. When pouring wine into the glass aim for the top of the nosing cone and let the wine cascade down. This will immediately enhance the nose of the wine by aerating it as it falls.
  2. Pour enough wine into the glass to submerge 25 percent of the nosing cone or less, leaving about 75 percent of the spiral above the surface of the liquid. This will give you plenty of room to "dance" the wine against the cone in a to and fro motion, breaking the surface tension of the wine.
  3. Place your nose into the opening of the bowl of the glass and inhale steadily through your nose while your mouth is closed.
  4. By repeating steps two and three with each sip you will enjoy the uniqueness of your wine or spirit. 

    Sit back, relax and enjoying nosing your drink in good health with your friends!